Calm is the New Busy

As humans it is easy for us to be impatient with ourselves and our processes.

I started out in 2020 with a feeling of forward-moving energy and vitality…And then, in the past week or so, I slowed way down and couldn’t focus on my biz creations as much as I thought I wanted to.

Now I see that I only thought I wanted to because I was “supposed to” want to (according to *external* business opinions). 😉

But Calm is the New Busy. << THIS is the message I am receiving from God and the Universe.

So be sure to honor the natural rhythms of your body and Whole BEing!

Once your forward-moving energy comes back around, the stuff you create will be of a much higher vibration – for you’ll be coming at it from a place of rest and inner peace.

This has been one of my hugest lessons!

I hope my sharing it with you will be of support.



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